Is this the most fascinating injury of 2012?

Astros infielder Marwin Gonzalez turned in one of the most fascinating injuries of 2012 on Thursday night when he somehow launched himself high into the air like a ragdoll after trying to beat out a throw to first in the ninth inning. Gonzalez landed on the bag awkwardly and looked like he had his leg lock up on him before going airborne and crashing to the dirt.

It was a very strange sequence of events that ended up handing Gonzalez a sprained ankle. At the moment, the injury is listed as day-to-day but I’m fairly confident it will heal quicker than the bruised ego he’s left with in the aftermath of this incident.

And just when you thought playing for the Astros (7-38 since the All-Star break) couldn’t get any more embarrassing…

[Big League Stew]

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Pete Blackburn
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