The story of LA mobster Mickey Cohen comes to life in “Gangster Squad”

Coming to theaters on January 11, 2013, “Gangster Squad” entails a chronicle of how mobster Mickey Cohen brought his East coast street crime to the city of angels. The movie is under the direction of Ruben Fleischer ( Fantasy Factory, Rob & Big) and will include a cast of Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin, and Nick Nolte.

Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) was born in 1913 in Brooklyn, New York into a jewish family who emigrated from Kiev, Ukraine. Starting off as a young boy selling newspapers, Cohen soon became involved in illegally delivering alcohol to local customers from his older brother’s gin mill. He eventually got arrested but luckily avoided charges due to his family connections. He later moved on to illegal prize fighting and eventually turned pro where he began training in the west coast. Bouncing around dealing with illegal gambling and sports booking in Chicago, Cleveland, and Vegas he made a name for himself as an outgoing trigger happy 5′ 5” ticking time bomb. He was monitored by many local authorities near his fortress of a home in Los Angeles. Cohen later served 4 years for tax evasion, but after he was released from prison he started in on a racketeering business venture which later put him in Alcatraz for an even harsher punishment for tax evasion.

“Gangster Squad” looks like it will take the cake as one of the better mob movies of the past ten years. The biggest reason for that is Sean Penn’s ability to portray a  firecracker crime boss such as the infamous Mickey Cohen. On the other side of the law Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling are two of the biggest Hollywood stars in past couple years and have smooth talking cop personalities to rival Cohen. And of course what’s a crime drama without the beautiful woman? That’s where Emma Stone comes into play as a fit counterpart for Gosling.

Come January 11th Gangster Squad will likely reap a successful box office performance and offer a nice platform for the growing list of excellent film titles in 2013.

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