Al Pacino to play Joe Paterno in upcoming biographical film

According to the entertainment website Deadline New York, Al Pacino will play the legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno. The film will be produced by ICM Partners and will be based on the New York Times bestselling biography written by Joe Posnanski.

The film will include the complete life of JoePa and how he formed his legacy leading up to his eventual reign as a head coach in 1966, and of course entail the spiraling downfall towards the Sandusky trials that stripped him of his coaching recognition. A true American tragedy of what football meant to this hero, and how losing the game  coupled with losing his life. The story embodies a real poetic way of looking at a coach’s relationship with the game of football and how much he meant to the players, coaches, and fans that admired him through the years.

Al Pacino has one of the best resumes in Hollywood and would be an excellent choice in casting if he actually accepts the role. The intensity that Pacino brings to the table will be a perfect match for how Paterno ruled over his players with absolute supremacy. I simply think that there is no one else qualified, falling short with this role would be a major let down due to its recent shocking transpiration. JoePa’s legacy will live on, and this movie will play a huge role in telling the story for years to come.

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