NHL Cancels Preseason through September 30th

Hockey fans have been preparing for the worst since Gary Bettman and the owners decided to lock out the players, but the moment everyone was fearing the most is here and games are beginning to be lost.  The preseason schedule that was slated to start September 23rd, with a game between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens, through September 30th has been canceled and it is not a good sign as day 4 of the lockout has passed and there are no planned meetings between the players union and owners.  That means this whole lockout business is getting serious (as if it wasn’t already.)

The last time that the NHL canceled preseason games was in 2004 and we all know what happened then…

Also, added to the cancellations was the 2012 Kraft Hockeyville game which was scheduled for October 3rd in Belleville, Ontario.  The town of Stirling-Rawdon was awarded the game after winning the “Hockeyville” competition.  The game is not a total loss for Stirling-Rawdon as it has only been postponed to the 2013 season,  as has been the Baltimore Hockey Classic, which was scheduled to be played between the Washington Capitals and the Columbus Blue Jackets on September 26.  The BHC drew a sell out crowd when the Capitals hosted the Nashville Predators  last year.

Additionally Wednesday, an anonymous source for the Associated Press said that NHL employees at the league offices will switch to four day work weeks which in turn will cut their salaries by about 20%.

Optimism is slowing fading around these parts…

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JJ Murphy

JJ Murphy

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