Redskins Rookie Alfred Morris’ Version of a “Bentley” is his 1991 Mazda 626

Before you ever insult you car and call it a hunk of junk or P.O.S., take this into consideration.  Redskins rookie running back Alfred Morris’ daily ride is a 1991 Mazda 626.

Now you may ask why the hell is an NFL running back, who signed a 4- year, $2.223 million contract in early may, driving this death trap? The answer is pretty simple according to him, it reminds him of his journey, both literally and emotionally, from Florida Atlantic University to a starter with the Washington Redskins.

Morris had some pretty memorable moments on the 1033 mile trip from Baton Rouge to Hyattsville, Maryland.  “I’d be stalling at lights and stuff and just sitting there trying to get it started back up, and I’d be like, ‘I have emergency lights on. Why would you get behind me? You see the lights — go around.’”

Those close to Morris would tease him and say ‘”Man, what are you doing in that piece of crap?’ and I’d say, ‘Oh, you talkin’ ’bout that Bentley right there?”‘  Now his friends cant wait to get a ride in the “Bentley.”

How much does Morris “Bentley” go for exactly?  The Kelly Blue Book Value of the car is $1,160, but they can be found on the internet for as low as $999.

How’s that make your “hunk of junk” look now…get over it bro.

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JJ Murphy

JJ Murphy

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