‘Skyfall’ News: New Poster & Adele Singing the Theme Song


The plot details of ‘Skyfall’ have been kept under wraps miraculously well, but other, far less important aspects of the film, haven’t escaped public knowledge.

We knew the film would be called ‘Skyfall’ well before the official announcement, and we knew Adele would sing the theme song well before the official announcement, which actually came today.

It’s simply another stellar addition to an already remarkable group of people working on the film. ‘Skyfall’ has truly talented actors (Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, etc.), an Academy Award-winning director (Sam Mendes), a ridiculously gifted cinematographer (Roger Deakins), great writers (John Logan, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade), and now, an awesome voice to belt out the title track (also named ‘Skyfall’).

It’ll be Adele’s first song since her smash-hit album ’21,’ which dropped back in January of 2011. I’m expecting a grittier, darker tone throughout ‘Skyfall,’ with occasional doses of light humor thrown in along the way. I’m not sure what that means for the sound of Adele’s track, but this is one of those cases where you sort of just stop worrying about it and trust that a great artist will come through by being a great artist. Big picture-wise, the title track doesn’t necessarily mean whole lot (Chris Cornell’s ‘You Know My Name’ was underwhelming at the beginning of ‘Casino Royale,’ but that’s still arguably the best Bond movie of the last 20 years), but we can still root for a catchy song that makes the opening credits a bit more bearable.

In other ‘Skyfall’ news, a new UK banner dropped this morning, and it’s one of the better ones we’ve seen. It’s Daniel Craig, decked out in his tuxedo, holding his PPK across his body, looking as calm, cool, and collected as always. The iconic gun barrel rests in the background, with a black-and-white shot of Britain off to the right side. We’ve seen several posters released already, but they’re often at their best when Craig is front and center, looking like a man ready to kick some ass and seduce some ladies.

This poster makes Craig look almost like a bodyguard, with London being the subject in need of protection (which is true, considering the city comes under attack at some point during the film). You’ll notice on this poster, the release date says October 26. The lucky Brits get the movie two weeks before we do in the United States. Maybe I’ll fly over to England with the money I don’t have just to see it early.

‘Skyfall’ drops in the United States on November 9.

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