Bills ball boy faceplants after trying to make play on kickoff

A Buffalo Bills ball boy is probably going to be one of the more embarrassed kids in school tomorrow after cameras caught him trying to make a play on a long kickoff that traveled out of the back of the Bills endzone during the second half of Buffalo’s game against the Patriots. it was a difficult play and the kid bit off a little more than he could chew. Not only could he not make the grab, he also wound up absolutely eating it face first into the ground for all to see.

CBS probably didn’t do the kid any favors by showing a slow-mo replay of his misfortune, and they also continued to show him on the sidelines looking about as dejected as you would expect a teenager to look after taking a nosedive in front of thousands of people.

The kid probably saw that going a lot differently in his head. In his head, he makes the play and gets recognized on TV for his display of unexpected athleticism…maybe even scores a tryout with his Bills (hell, they looked like they could use a whole lot of help today) and becomes the next great underdog story.

In real life, though, he just winds up on YouTube looking like a moron. Good job, good effort.


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Pete Blackburn
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  • 67carbman

    The kid was doing his job – trying to keep the ball from going into the stands. Perhaps the portable photo stand should have been removed out of play.

    At least he hustled on the field, which is more than I can say from all the 270lb jerks posting this who sit on the couch shoving Cheetos in their pie holes and have never picked up a football in their life