Movie Review: ‘Looper’ – Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Bruce Willis

Receiving over 133 million dollars worldwide since its premiere on September 28th, Looper has made a massive splash in the time travel genre. With an original story line that has its twists and graphic turns, Looper is definitely a fantastic film to see.

Joseph Godon-Levitt takes the lead role as young Joe the assassin. He is hired to kill for a mob boss who is disposing of bodies 30 years in the future. Joe finds a high paying career that gets him on his feet but undoubtedly on shaky ground. His boss Abe (Jeff Daniels) is a demanding stakeholder in the looper trade. His wittiness and unmerciful authority keep all the loopers on their toes as they near the end of their loop (killing their future self). Joe is currently the youngest looper but also the most dangerous. After seeing a friend’s demise due to his failure to properly end his loop he soon is faced with the same predicament that drags him into a life on the run. Hunting down his older self turns out to be a lot harder than expected for both Abe and Joe. But Joe’s determination brings him face to face with the man who is responsible for giving him life, and giving him death. The hard part for Joe is determining which life is worth saving, his life or the life of his future self.

Bruce Willis as older Joe is the typical American bad-ass we all know and love. Traveling 30 years in the past to meet the hollow barrel of a shotgun held by his younger self is a literal life changing confrontation. With a few spins and punches from papa Bruce old Joe conquers his young assassin self and gets away. Then the fun begins. Coming in close contact various times old Joe treats his younger self more like a son with a little tough love. Obviously he knows the immaturity of his younger self because he lived it. Frequent partying that lead to drug addiction and  frequent killing that lead to self admiration Joe as a young assasin was a spark plug who was moving a mile a minute without any regard for others around him. In a special way old Joe puts him back into his place as a semi mentor, but in the end he is actually the one who doesnt have a grip on reality in the current time period of 2044.

Overall if you are looking for a futuristic drama that has the babes, the hero, the gun fights, and the bloody mess you are going to enjoy this movie. That is an absolute promise. Where the plot’s substance comes in to play is the inner psyche of young Joe. The film really progresses in the instances where he is pitted in a situation that involves a mother’s love for her child, a husbands love for his wife, and a child’s life of anguish and solitary. Fantastic acting, fantastic script, and fantastic cinematography, Looper has it all.

Grade: 9/10

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