‘Star Wars’ 7th installment coming in 2015

George Lucas has now finally passed the torch of his marvelous sci-fi movie title ‘Star Wars’ on to the next generation. Disney recently announced that they have bought Lucasfilms for 4.05 billion dollars. They also announced that the next installment of the saga has a release date of sometime in 2015. The film will be under direction of Disney’s executive producer Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas is signed on as a creative consultant.

It is comforting to know that Lucas will take part in the production process as the movie transitions into the next generation of ‘Star Wars’ cinematic endeavors. I would say that Disney has a track record that fits the task of recreating this movie title, so any negative notions should quickly diminish.

Disney also announced that this project will be taken on as a long term aim into the future. So this is no joke for all those Star Wars geeks out there, the force is strong in this one.

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