Tyler Seguin scores first goal for Swiss team, is greeted by very interesting sign

It looks like Tyler Seguin is going to have to work a little harder to win over the chicks across the pond in Switzerland than he had to in Boston. Playing for his new Swiss team, EHC Biel, Seguin was greeted by the above sign yesterday from fans obviously referencing this photoshop (altered from this original image) done by Masshole Sports last season. That’s certainly one way to welcome a guy to your city…

The hard initial stance from the Swiss puck bunnies has seemed to motivate Seguin to do his best to convince them to reconsider. The 20-year old forward went on to score a wicked wrister to record his first goal overseas. A few more of those and it will be hard for the ladies to resist.

Check out the goal below.

[h/t to those sandbagging sunsabitches over at Days of Y’Orr]

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Pete Blackburn
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