How Long Have You Been Waiting For a Game Where You Can Save the World As Dikembe Mutumbo?

To answer the question in the headline: Too long.

Well, thanks to the advertising geniuses/hilarious weirdos over at Old Spice, that fateful day has finally come where you can step into Dikembe Motumbo’s massive shoes and save the world via a series of bizarre tasks.

The game’s description, via SportsGrid:

A playable 8-bit game/ad in which Mutombo (controlled by you) takes on world threats such as popular dances by South Korean pop stars all with the help of his trusty anthropomorphic bear friend, all while plugging Old Spice deodorant products. If you somehow still have any question as to whether this is as weird as Old Spice’s live-action TV ads, the answer is yes.

If you want to have an awesome time-wasting experience, go for it…play the game below. If you want to have an awesomely productive day, go ahead and do anything but click that ‘Start’ button below.

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Pete Blackburn
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