Mark Sanchez Runs Into His Own Lineman’s Rear End

Now, that’s what I call a Dirty Sanchez!

On Thanksgiving night, the New York Jets put together one of the worst quarters of football I have seen in a long time, and I loved every second of it.  As if giving up 35 points and recording three turnovers in the second quarter alone wasn’t enough, the incomparable Mark Sanchez gave us a play that pretty well sums up this entire season for the Jets by running directly into his right guard, Brandon Moore’s butt and fumbling the ball into the hands of Steven Gregory who returned it for a touchdown.

Now you can enjoy it GIF form, and it never gets old. Ever.

GIF: Courtesy of the Jets, this is the worst football play of... on Twitpic


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Kevin Duggan

Kevin Duggan

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