Preview of Johnny Depp’s new film ‘The Lone Ranger’

Johnny Depp is at it again with another deranged movie role as Tanto, the sidekick of the American west hero The Lone Ranger. He will star as the native american warrior in the 1933 radio classic entitled The Lone Ranger. Sporting the new look of caked up black and white face paint and a dead raven perched on his head sounds about right for Mr. Depp.

Director Gore Verbinski will have the reins in this American West. No pun intended. Verbinski is known for being the director in the first 3 Pirates of the Carribbean films where he and Depp developed a serious chemistry that produced immediate results. They also worked together in the animated film Rango where Depp had the lead role as a gunslinging chameleon.

Armie Hammer will be the story’s protagonist as The Lone Ranger. He seems to be the right fit with his dominant physical presence and superhero qualities that feature an irregular booming voice and a chin that puts Bruce Wayne to shame. Hammer has held recent roles in The Social Network, J Edgar, and Mirror Mirror, but this one looks like it will open up his stardom to even bigger roles in the near future. And by the way he does not have a twin. He was both Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss in the Social Network. Sorry ladies.

Other notable actors in The Lone Ranger are Helena Bonham Carter as Red, William Fichtner as Butch Cavendish, and Tom Wilkinson as Latham Cole.

The story line will most likely follow the classic original that started as a radio broadcast in 1933 and then was later adapted as a television show in 1949. The Lone Ranger would typically ride his white stallion and yell “Hi-yo, silver, away!” as people would watch in awe and curiosity in not being able to tell who the masked hero was. The movie will be through the perspective of Tonto (Depp) as he accounts the transformation of a man once named John Reid into a hero who he calls Ke-mo sa-bee, which means “Trusted friend”.

The release date is set for July 3rd, 2013 and right now is still in post-production.

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