Chris Pratt Once Ate 81 Scoops Of Ice Cream In One Day On The Set Of ‘Parks & Rec’

Chris Pratt (Andy Dwyer from NBC’s ‘Parks And Recreation’ and Scott Hatteberg from ‘Moneyball’) made an appearance on Leno the other night to promote his upcoming Osama Bin Laden film, “Zero Dark Thirty.”

While on the show, Pratt discussed his methods for gaining wait for an upcoming film. Pratt claims to have gained 60 pounds in four and a half months and said he “did it the old fashioned way: eating and drinking my face off.”

Pratt’s most notable “eat ’til it hurts” experience came when he said the Parks & Rec props department counted him eating 81 scoops of ice cream in one day on set.

That’s a hell of a lot of ice cream, ladies and gentlemen. Andy Dwyer must have had so much energy.

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Pete Blackburn
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