The 10 Funniest Commercials of 2012


If you haven’t noticed, we’re doing a lot to recap the year that was in 2012. Next up, we’re handpicking the ten funniest commercials of the year and delivering them to you. Enjoy.

10. Toyota – “Reinvented Camry” (Super Bowl Ad)

This was a pretty clever and amusing ad from Toyota, who generally aren’t known for memorable ads. This one was a pleasant surprise.


9. Sears – “Connecting Flights”

I nearly pissed my pants laughing when I first saw this commercial during the holiday season. Just wasn’t expecting it whatsoever, especially from Sears. Sure, it’s not quite as funny after the first time when you know what’s coming, but it’s still great stuff.


8. E*Trade – “Fatherhood” (Super Bowl Ad)

I don’t know how the E*Trade baby hasn’t gotten old yet, but it definitely hasn’t. Another gem this year.


7. Canal Digital – “The Man Who Lived In A Film”

I don’t know much about Canal Digital (according to Wikipedia, they’re a Scandinavian Pay TV and Internet Service Provider in Norway and Sweden) but this commercial has delivered quite an awesome first impression for the company.


6. BGH – “Dads In Briefs”

As far as air conditioning commercials go, I’d say this is the best one ever. I can’t wait to be a dad in briefs.


5. Old Spice – “Bounce”

I had to discipline myself and only pick ONE Terry Crews Old Spice ad, and this is the one I found the funniest. However, they’re all pretty great, so if you have some time you can check out the full arsenal here.


4. Old Milwaukee – “Cut Short” (Super Bowl Ad)

This hilariously bizarre commercial was done by Will Ferrell at the low-low cost of free and aired in only one TV market - North Platte, Nebraska – the second-smallest TV market in the country. Pretty brilliant marketing by Old Milwaukee, as the ad went viral and was eventually seen by millions anyways.


3. Little Caesars – “No Rules!”

Gets me every time.


2. Chevrolet – “Happy Grad” (Super Bowl Ad)

The idea behind this ad isn’t what makes it great, it’s the delivery. The overdramatic performance given by the graduate is absolutely hilarious.


1. Carlton Draught – “Beer Chase”

What’s not to love about this commercial? Just a brilliant ad through and through by the Australian beer company. Don’t drink and drive kids, drink and run.

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