Trevor Gillies and Jon Mirasty Have Another Epic KHL Bout

Quick little history lesson to start this post off: Trevor Gillies and Jon Mirasty got in a pretty epic KHL bout last month, one which was made possible thanks in large part to the ongoing NHL lockout. Watch it below:

Well, it appears that Nasty Mirasty, who is one badass motherf**ker (proof HERE), wasn’t too happy with the result the first time around and wanted a bit of revenge. Fast forward to yesterday’s rematch between the two teams, when Mirasty had his shot to redeem himself against a familiar foe.

Gillies-Mirasty II was much more even but still just as bit, if not more, awesome than the original. Enjoy the opportunity to stop weeping about the lockout and watch below as the two manly men unleash a furious flurry of fisticuffs upon each other’s face.


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Pete Blackburn
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