Brendon Ayanbadejo Already Trash Talking About Patriots “Gimmick” Offense [UPDATE]


Ravens linebacker (but, in all honesty, most special teamer) Brendon Ayanbadejo couldn’t even wait for the Patriots to finish their smackdown of the Texans before unleashing some trash talk in preparation of Sunday’s upcoming AFC Championship.

Ayanbadejo took to Twitter during the Pats-Texans games to give his wonderful thoughts on the Patriots “gimmick” offense:

Of course, this hurry-up offense “gimmick” is actually a well-planned out strategy that has been used in NFL gameplans for decades. But, you know, since the Patriots have been doing it better than anyone else for over 10 years it must be a gimmick. Through that thought process, the game of football is also a gimmick.

And because he couldn’t think up any other preposterous criticism, he went back to the dried up well that Patriot haters love to visit:

Relevant. Thanks for the bulletin board material Brendon, but not sure they needed it. See you on Sunday.

UPDATE: Ayanbadejo took to Twitter again Monday morning, this time apologizing for his comments:

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