Chip Kelly Is Taking A Weird Approach To The Whole “Waiting For The Patriots Job” Thing

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Well, over the past few weeks we’ve had time to wonder about the accuracy of those rumors that Oregon Ducks coach Chip Kelly, who had turned down several NFL coaching offers over the past few years, was waiting for the Patriots coaching job to open up in his home region of New England (he’s a New Hampshire native).

On Wednesday, with the news breaking that Kelly is headed to Philadelphia to take over the Eagles, it would appear that those Patriots reports were either slightly inaccurate or Kelly is approaching the “waiting” process very strangely.

Or he realized those recruiting sanctions were coming down faster than anticipated and couldn’t afford to stick around Oregon any longer.

Or he finally came to grips with the fact that waiting to take over for Bill Belichick is like waiting to steal a black guy’s girlfriend. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment and you’re never going to fill that hole.

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Pete Blackburn
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