Winchester Hockey Player Gives Best/Douchiest Interview You’ll See Today

Kid from Winchester may have given the best/douchiest  high school hockey interview ever recorded to’s Scott Barboza.  His names Nolan Redler and he plays for Winchester High School, after a Middlesex League contest versus Arlington in which Winchester won 3-0, Redler pulled a whole bunch of never heard before one liners out of no where and gave everyone watching a great laugh.

“I just saw him go to the net, I said, ‘I gotta throw a little fettuccine alfredo out there,’ ended up hitting him in the butt and going in so, you know, it’s all you can do at this point,”

“I mean it wasn’t the prettiest goal, but it got there. It all looks the same on the score sheet.”

“Ya you know?, we’re out there just wheelin’ and dealing, winding and grindin’, pass shoot score everytime you can, ya know?”

“We got the best goalie in the league, ya know?, so keep and eye on that, maybe get him a D1 scholly.”

Is it only me that thinks this kid is a huge douche? I can’t tell if this kids trying to give the douchiest interview of all time or not… also how do you you think the reporter felt after this interview? Did he get what he wanted? Was he happy with those soundbytes or did he get the impression that this kid is a big douche just like i did?  I guess you can’t really expect to much in an interview from a high school kid.

PS – The interview has gone viral on youtube with almost 50,000 hits in three days, and “throwing fettucini alfredo” is my new favorite hockey saying…

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JJ Murphy

JJ Murphy

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