In Soviet Russia, Hockey Ref Fights You

In just another case of crazy Russians being crazy Russians, a hockey referee in a recent Russian hockey game decided to lay down the hammer of justice with his own two hands when he attempted to fight a player on the ice.

From Last Angry Fan:

Somewhere in Russia, in a cold, sparsely populated hockey arena, two teams were battling for on-ice supremacy.  When a referee called a player for a hooking penalty, said player—who was apparently not in total agreement with the ref’s call—decided to bump the official that blew the whistle on him, sending the referee a tumbling to the ice, an obvious dick move if ever there was one.

Gotta give this ref credit, he went about his business by the book. Watching him calmly rise to his feet after getting bumped, unstrap his helmet and proceed to lay it down on the ice before unleashing his fury was cold-blooded badassery. And not to mention he looked like he could have held his own in the fisticuffs as well.

I think the offending player should thank his lucky stars that the comrade from the opposing team stepped in to break it up before the ref got the blood he desperately wanted.

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Pete Blackburn
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