After Their “Fight,” Carmelo Anthony Waited For KG By C’s Team Bus


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nother day, another minor altercation involving Kevin Garnett.  This time, he and Carmelo Anthony started getting physical in the paint after jawing with each other for most of the game.  No punches were thrown, but the two had to be separated at center court by teammates and officials and both received technical fouls.

It is common knowledge that KG is one of the NBA’s most prolific trash talkers, and opponents often take exception to it.  The only problem is that most of the time KG is talking to himself and not the guy he’s guarding.  A poll of NBA players from earlier this year by Sports Illustrated ranked Garnett the second dirtiest player in the league.  Oh well.  The guy is still one of the greatest power forwards to ever play the game and I think that he has earned the right to talk a little smack to the younger guys.

Apart from this little skirmish, the game itself was a high point for the struggling Celtics.  They were able to beat the Knicks at MSG without Rondo, who was suspended, in a comeback win by a score of 102-96.

Immediately following the game, Melo reportedly approached the Celtics locker room and was heard screaming at several C’s players, without any altercation. Then, Anthony waited for KG by the Celts’ team bus, where five NYPD officers, MSG security and Mike Woodson stood by to make sure the scene didn’t get out of hand.

Meanwhile, Kevin Garnett was perplexed as to what Melo wanted. He thought the beef had been squashed on the court.

It was a very strange sequence of events, and one that left Carmelo looking extremely foolish. That kind of stuff happens in the heat of competition on the court, but that’s where it needs to be left.

For all the stuff KG gets about being a “fake tough guy” he certainly handled himself well the entire way through tonight. Melo? Not so much. There’s no reason to put on such a tough guy act, especially when everyone already knows you prefer to sucker punch people and run away from fights.

VIDEO: Carmelo Anthony waits for Kevin Garnett by Celtics team bus.

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