Mayor Menino Strikes Again, Talks About Patriots’ “Wilcock” and “Gonk”

Mayor Tom Menino has made quite the fool out of himself while trying to praise some of Boston’s best athletes over the past few years. Wes Weckler and Rob Grobowski. KJ and Hondo.  ”Varitek splitting the uprights” to earn the Patriots their first Super Bowl. It’s quite the list, and one that continues to grow.

While engaging in some trash talk with the mayor of Baltimore this week in preparation of Sunday’s AFC title game between the Patriots and Ravens, Menino bragged about the play of “Wilcott” while trying to praise Vince Wilfork, the man whose jersey Menino was wearing at the time. That’s right, the guy’s name was right on Menino’s back and he still couldn’t get it right.

It also seems that Rob Grobowski has also now just become “Gonk” in the book of Mumbles Menino’s Sports Icons, as the mayor once again misfired on Gronk’s name while talking about his arm injury.

So the Patriots trash talk from politicians hasn’t gone very smoothly recently, obviously. Maybe Boston should just stick to billboards to do the smack talk…

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Pete Blackburn
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