New Trailer for the Second Half of Season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead’

We’re only a few weeks out from the February 10 return of ‘The Walking Dead,’ and AMC left us another reminder today in the form of a new trailer for the second half of Season 3.

We get a few highlights from the first half of the season before a better look at what’s to come. Clearly war is on the horizon, as The Governor is looking to eliminate Rick and the group for both vengeance and a little peace-of-mind that his community is the only game in town.

Clearly tensions are mounting between The Governor and Andrea, as her loyalties are likely conflicted after learning of her former group’s continued existence. She’ll be wanting answers as to how everyone else made it to the prison and what the months after the farm debacle were like. The bonds that form during the zombie apocalypse are not easily broken, after all. But as The Governor alludes to in the trailer, Andrea will have to make a decision: her new group or her old one?

I’m excited to see what direction the show takes with Michonne. Will she open up more and become a fully functioning member of the group? The few shots we see of her suggest more interaction with the others, particularly Rick. And wouldn’t another showdown with The Governor prove pretty dramatic?

As for Rick, it might be because I’m a big fan of his character in general, but I’m really looking forward to the continued internal struggle it appears he’ll be dealing with for the remainder of the season. Obviously we see Carl question his leadership and it looks like Hershel is doing the same when he brings up the old line about the group no longer being a democracy. The show has created some very strong characters (Daryl, in particular), which sometimes takes the spotlight off of Rick. But he still is the leading man on the show, which is why his internal and external obstacles need to hold serious weight within the course of the season.

Any bets on the fate of Merle? I’m guessing he doesn’t make it out of Woodbury, with it boiling down to him sacrificing himself in order to save Daryl. Just a guess, though. Might we be in for some other significant character deaths by the end of the season? The addition of the other survivors that Carl brought into the holding cell in the last episode would suggest others might be a bit more expendable, but we’ll have to wait and see.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns Sunday, February 10 at 9:00pm.

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