‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Trailer: Gerard Butler Saves the White House

The first trailer for the White House-centered action film, ‘Olympus Has Fallen,’ starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman, has gone online.

The film, opening March 22, centers on a group of terrorists taking over the White House and holding the president (Eckhart) hostage, while one man (Butler) works from inside to stop the bad guys and save the Commander-in-chief.

Comparisons will undoubtedly be made to the likes of ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Air Force One,’ given the setting and circumstances (a building is taken over, the president’s involved, etc.).

On top of that, this isn’t the only ‘The White House Gets Compromised’ action movie we’ll see this year, as ‘White House Down,’ starring Channing Tatum (a.k.a. The Most Powerful Man in America right now) and Jamie Foxx is scheduled for a June 28 release.

I’m excited to see Butler back in a full-scale action role. He’s had a ridiculous amount of subpar scripts ever since he really broke out through his role as Leonidas in ’300.’ Aside from the so-so ‘Gamer,’ and maybe ‘RocknRolla,’ he’s shied away from the guns and the explosions in favor of head-scratching rom-coms like ‘The Ugly Truth,’ and ‘The Bounty Hunter’ (let’s not even talk about last month’s ‘Playing for Keeps’).

Even more intriguing is the involvement of director Antoine Fuqua (‘Training Day’), who’ll hopefully help ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ rise above the level of a ho-hum, effects-driven action flick with little character development. The trailer doesn’t suggest this is an over-the-top, mindless, shoot-em-up extravaganza, with the emotional arc put in place via the death of the first lady. Hopefully that foundation sees some steady growth and a nice payoff as we advance through the run time. With some solid action, an intriguing cast, and a bit of depth to our characters, ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ could be an enjoyable way to usher in the spring season.


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