‘Red 2′ Debut Trailer: Bruce Willis And John Malkovich Are Still Retired And Extremely Dangerous

We now have the first official trailer for the sequel to the 2010 film Red, which starred Bruce Willis and John Malkovich as retired black ops CIA agents convinced to get back into the game. In Red 2, Willis and Malkovich return to reprise their roles and come out of retirement again. They’ve got another solid supporting cast behind them with the return of Mary Louise-Parker and Helen Mirre, as well as the additions of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins to the billing.

The synopsis, via:

Retired black-ops CIA agent Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device. To succeed, they’ll need to survive an army of relentless assassins, ruthless terrorists and power-crazed government officials, all eager to get their hands on the next-generation weapon. The mission takes Frank and his motley crew to Paris, London and Moscow. Outgunned and outmanned, they have only their cunning wits, their old-school skills, and each other to rely on as they try to save the world-and stay alive in the process.

With bald badasses Willis and Malkovich bringing a healthy compliment of intense action and witty comedy to the table, Red 2 looks like it should be a winner. The sequel is set for a August 2nd, 2013 release.

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