Torrey Smith: Patriots Fans Sent ‘Rude Tweets’ About Brother’s Death Following AFC Championship


The Baltimore Ravens, like most people outside of New England, don’t especially care for the Patriots and their fans, that much has become clear since Baltimore’s 28-13 win over the Pats in the AFC title game on Sunday. Torrey Smith is the latest Raven to voice his displeasure of Patriots Nation, but his reason for doing so might be the most legitimate and indefensible one we’ve heard.

According to Smith, who lost his younger brother in a motorcycle accident earlier this season, Pats fans took to Twitter and sent him ‘rude tweets’ about his brother.

Smith sent out the following tweet ripping New England fans on Tuesday morning:

This isn’t the first time New England sports fans have been called out for being rude and disgraceful on Twitter. Following the Bruins Game 7 loss to the Washington Capitals in last year’s playoffs, the Caps Joel Ward claimed to the be the recipient of countless racist tweets following his game-winning goal in overtime.

While stuff like this is disgusting and inexcusable, it’s also certainly not limited to New England or any specific region. Ignorant people are everywhere and they always will be, especially if they’re given the opportunity to spew that ignorance anonymously behind a keyboard. It’s one of the downsides to social media, and hopefully one that can be squashed somehow in the future.


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Pete Blackburn
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