Playstation 4 Announced For Next Holiday Season


Today, as expected, Sony held a press conference to unveil the details regarding their upcoming next-gen console. Called the super original PlayStation 4, the actual console was the only thing missing from the press conference.

The forefront of the press conference revolved around creating a social community while playing on the PS4. You can now instantly share what you are doing with your friends and if you deem it worthy of viewers, instantly stream your game play through U-Stream. Friends can watch and and join in on your gaming with a few simple clicks of the controller.

I currently own both PS3 and Xbox 360 but I’m a bigger fan of Microsoft’s offering, so what is Sony’s new console bringing to the table to convince me to convert platforms?

PS4 controller

The innovative touch screen/controller combo is a pretty cool concept but, functionality-wise, useless more often than not. That being said, it’s got a touchscreen, motion sensors and a built-in Kinect/Wii-style sensor bar camera…so it has the potential of being cool. With the even playing field of Blu-ray DVD technology for both consoles it will most likely come down to the titles being released for each (only reason i bought my Playstation 3), and so far the lineup is pretty good for Sony.

With the acquisition of a game streaming service known as Gakai it seems they plan to offer a more expansive previous console title list for immediate play on some kind of subscription service. As for new titles, they have Bungie’s new project Destiny, which seems to be, at the very least, a stunningly visual game with vast amounts of exploration of our “near extinct solar system. A new Final Fantasy is in the works from Square Enix, a new driving game that looks amazingly good, and a new segment in the Killzone franchise.

So until Xbox unveils their future plans which is rumored to be very soon (March), nothing can be decided definitively for this nerd.

For additional info/screenshots, click here.

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