Watch: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 New Promo, “Chaos”

It is almost time for the  long anticipated start of season 3 of HBO’s best new drama Game of Thrones premiering on March 31st.

This will be the biggest season yet based on the third installment of the George RR Martin fantasy A Song of Ice and Fire entitled A Storm of Swords. In this season Robb will face his most difficult task as the newly proclaimed king of the North, while Joffrey reigns as the young king of the Iron Throne and the realm of Westeros. And while Arya makes her way through the Riverlands, Jon Snow will be finally coming face to face with his biggest wildling enemy, Mance Rayder.

With the minimal amount of trailers from season 3 surfacing, it is relieving to see this promo. Judging from the facial expressions and the eerie narration, there will be blood and lots of it.


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