‘World War Z’ Super Bowl Trailer Released Early

World War Z cutdown

The movie industry loves the Super Bowl, as the biggest studios buy up air time and run previews for some of their most prolific upcoming films. One flick you’ll see advertised is the Brad Pitt-starring zombie apocalypse thriller, World War Z. But if you can’t wait for Sunday to see Pitt’s handsomeness battle a boatload of flesh-eating monsters, you’re in luck. Paramount didn’t want you to wait either, and it’s released the Super Bowl trailer early. Take a look:

The trailer doesn’t actually delve too deeply into the plot (if you’d never heard of this film, would you even know it’s about a zombie apocalypse from watching this trailer?), relying instead on the action sequences and Pitt’s star power as the key selling points.

It’s important to keep in mind that Super Bowl trailers are meant to be excitement-inducing teasers. Studios want people to see them and say, ‘Wow, what was that?’ followed by a quick Google search, or, ‘I need to see that!’ if it’s a more established property (Iron Man 3, for example).

If you want to see more of what World War Z has to offer, take a look at the full trailer below:

World War Z lands in theaters on June 21.

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