The Debut Trailer For ‘The Hangover: Part III’ Is Here [Updated with Reaction]

This time there’s no wedding, no bachelor party. But when Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Justin Bartha hit the road, you know things aren’t going to go smoothly. For their third and final journey in The Hangover trilogy, the crew returns to the site where it all began – Las Vegas – for one last Wolfpack adventure.

The Hangover: Part III hits theaters May 24th, 2013. Our Greg Payne will have some more analysis of the premiere trailer later on.

Reaction (7 Things Worth Noting From the Trailer):

1. What the hell is going on?! Seriously, the trailer is nothing more than two minutes of (wonderful) madness. Why do the guys have to go back to Las Vegas? What’s drawing them there? And how do they manage to screw it up this time? Are roofies involved? I need to know more!!!

2. Stu (Ed Helms) really hates Vegas, huh? Poor guy can’t even look forward to a weekend in Sin City with his best friends. Assuming he’s talking about Vegas as a whole, he wants to see it burned to the ground. That’s a little harsh, Stu. Where else would guys go to gamble away thousands of dollars, pick up cheap (and probably disease-filled) hookers, and drink until our livers disintegrate? I mean, we’d probably just find a new place for all of this, but come on! It’s Vegas!

3. (:48) John Goodman’s shooting people in a cold, detached manner while wearing a stereotypical gangster sweatsuit! Hooray! Why has John Goodman been in so many movies lately?! Also…That wasn’t Doug (Justin Bartha) who got shot, was it? I certainly hope not. When the body hits the pool, it sort of fits his profile. But I feel like that would put an unfortunate twist on this movie…

3.5: Alan’s dad died. We all caught that, right?

4. (:55) MELISSA MCCARTHY! This franchise is saved! Assuming she’s Bridesmaids Melissa McCarthy and not Identity Thief Melissa McCarthy. Admit it: You’ve wanted some more awkward Megan just as much as I have.

5. (1:09 – 1:14) Mr. Chow! Jade! I bet Jade is still soooooo hot. I wonder how old Carlos is. Will he remember Alan? Also, do you think Stu has any regrets here? I know his wife Lauren is a smoke in her own right, but there’s no way Stu can look at Jade and not say, ‘Why didn’t I hit that when I had the chance?’

6. (1:20) Alan: “We’ve been on a lot of adventures together, but it seems like you haven’t learned anythin’. Anythin’!

7. The last 25 seconds are just terrific. Because only Alan would buy a giraffe and then accidentally slaughter it on the highway. Hey, at least the little kid in the car next to him didn’t flip him off this time.


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