Gronk May Need Fourth Forearm Surgery Due To Lingering Infection


Rob Gronkowski’s left forearm continues to be a cause for great concern in Patriots Nation. After breaking and re-breaking the forearm during the 2012-2013 season, Gronk needed a third surgery to deal with an infection that surfaced on the arm. Now, according to league sources, the Patriots standout tight end may need to undergo a fourth surgery to deal with the same lingering infection.

Gronk’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has denied that any additional surgery has been scheduled, but many are speculating that a fourth surgery may be necessary if the infection does not clear up in the coming weeks.

According to, doctors could decide to remove the second plate he had placed in his arm because that could be the cause of the infection – but it is unknown at this point exactly what is causing the infection.

If the infection doesn’t clear up and a fourth operation is indeed deemed necessary, the Patriots will likely have to start their 2013-2014 campaign without their 23-year old All-Pro weapon in the lineup.

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Pete Blackburn
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