The Fake Patriots Uniforms Going Around Are Actually Kind Of Sweet

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These images of fake new Patriots uniforms surfaced on the Internet after a Reddit user, who claims to have created the faux ‘Murica themed Pats unis in photoshop “as a joke,” posted them online. They gained some serious attention when Chandler Jones saw them and posted them on his Instagram account:


The Pats’ defensive end seemed to like them and, to be honest, I kind of do too. I really love the Patriots’ current unis and these fake one’s aren’t perfect, but they are pretty badass and, with a few tweaks, I think they’d look pretty good in action. Maybe someone higher up in the Pats’ organization will catch wind of them and give ‘em some consideration.

What do you think, like or no?

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Pete Blackburn
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  • Alex Christopher

    These would be a GREAT alternative uni option.