Antoine Walker thinks it’s time for him to be the next Celtics coach


Now that Doc Rivers is officially head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, the Boston Celtics have a vacancy at the head of their bench. Who does Antoine Walker think should fill that vacancy? Well…Antoine Walker, of course.

The former Celtics forward sent out a series of three tweets on Monday, each stating that he should be the next head coach in Boston.


It’s pretty safe to assume that Walker’s wish will never, ever, ever, never ever, never ever ever come to fruition. Over the course of his career, Walker developed a reputation for being lazy, disappointing, and a bad leader. Not the best combination to have on your resume when campaigning for an NBA coaching job.

That being said, it only seems right that Walker expressed his desire with THREE tweets. After all, Walker earned a reputation for being one of the biggest three-point chuckers in Celtics history. When asked why he shot so many threes, Walker once responded “because there are no fours.”

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Pete Blackburn
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