Blackhawks fans create god-awful Stanley Cup anthem

From Hip Checked:

We usually tend to dread the end of hockey season, but there is one positive thing that we can look forward to: the end of these terrible playoff anthems that manage to go viral because of idiots like us posting about them. This one is pretty terrible, not only because of the sleeveless t-shirts and mind-blowing prose, but because it’s performed by three guys named Young Regime, Tiggy-G, and Windy City Beast, who seemingly take their rap careers very seriously.

Oh god, this is so bad. I want to personally thank these three kids for creating this and thus shaming their entire city and the Blackhawks fanbase. Between this lovely anthem and the ‘Chicago Stronger’ t-shirts, the Windy City is making it pretty easy for neutral fans to pick a side.

PS – “Suns out, guns out” is a right, not a privilege. Hit the gym, you boneracks.

[h/t Katey Berman]

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Pete Blackburn
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