Danny Ainge says Celtics-Clippers deal is “dead”


According to ESPN Los Angeles, the Clippers have once again rejected the Celtics’ trade proposal involving Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett and walked away from the negotiating table, this time possibly for good.

The Clips refused the Celtics’ offer of Kevin Garnett straight up for DeAndre Jordan and two-first round draft picks for the rights to head coach Doc Rivers. It was rumored yesterday that the two sides were closing on a deal that involved KG and either Jason Terry or Courtney Lee for Jordan and Caron Butler, but those talks fell apart.

Celtics GM Danny Ainge confirmed on Tuesday that discussions between the two teams were “dead.”

The Clippers walked away from initial discussions with the Celtics after Boston insisted on acquiring young point guard Eric Bledsoe from Los Angeles.

According to ESPN’s sources, the two teams have no plans to speak again, and the Clippers are preparing to move on and hire a coach this week.

Despite claims that Boston has reached “the point of no return” with Rivers, the Celtics reportedly plan on keeping their coach if they cannot acquire compensation for him. Rivers has three years and $21 million remaining on his current contract with the team.

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