Get to know the newest Boston Celtics rookies

Kelly Olynyk, Gonzaga

Drafted 13th overall by Mavericks, traded to Celtics

Forward/center, 7’0, 234 lbs., 6’9.75″ wingspan

What the scouts say: “Olynyk’s 2013 offensive-post dominance was special. Easily the best among prospects in the past three seasons (the time period I have shot-location data for). He scored 16.8 points at the rim per 40. The next best was Cody Zeller in 2012 who scored 13.3. Nobody else was even close. Olynyk’s 73-percent efficiency at the rim implies that he could have comfortably increased his volume even more. Olynyk’s scoring game does not stop there though. He also took 5.3 mid-range shots per game and hit them at an impressive 53-percent clip. Jeremy Lamb, Mike Scott, Kevin Murphy, and Marcus Morris were the only other players with comparable mid-range success. Olynyk is a gifted scorer in the paint or from the elbow and even hinted at the ability to stretch to the 3-point line. Combine that with his solid passing and he has the potential to be a team’s primary offensive threat.

The major concern with Olynyk is his defense. Box scores and scouting reports agree that he doesn’t offer the defensive presence teams want at the five. His explosion after a couple completely unremarkable seasons is also concerning, but given the fact that teams routinely draft 7′ stiffs in the hopes they might develop, it would seem weird to pass on a 7′ stiff who did develop.” (via)




bilde (3)Colton Iverson, Colorado St.

Drafted 53rd overall by Pacers, traded to Celtics

Forward/center, 7’0, 262 lbs., 7’2″ wingspan

What the scouts say: “Transferring to Colorado State for his senior season after three underwhelming years at Minnesota, Iverson made his final year of NCAA eligibility worthwhile. One of the best players on an NCAA Tournament squad, he proved to NBA scouts that he’s at least worthy of an opportunity. Even though he lacks the top-notch athleticism and length of most post prospects, he’s officially listed at 7′ and nearly averaged a double-double for the Rams last season. If he can improve his footwork and refine his offensive game, his rebounding and touch near the basket could help Boston.

Iverson should provide the Celtics with some nice frontcourt depth, especially with Kevin Garnett gone and Jared Sullinger having injury questions.”  (via)




1niAwG.AuSt.79Phil Pressey, Missouri

Undrafted (Signed)

Point Guard, 5’11, 177 lbs., 6’2.25 wingspan,

What the scouts say: “Phil Pressey sneaks into the Top 40 under the “I really enjoy watching this guy play basketball” exception. The son of Paul Pressey, the original point forward under Don Nelson, Phil makes up for a lack of size with incredible athleticism and a great feel for the game.

Last season, he was the engine of a small-ball Missouri team that went 30-5. This season, as the only one of the top six players to return, Pressey struggled as the primary playmaker and scorer on a disorganized squad comprised mainly of transfers. As a junior, he averaged 12 points, seven assists and two steals on 38 percent shooting. After shooting 43 percent from the field as a sophomore and 36 percent from three, I suspect his decline had more to do with his shot selection than his mechanics.

At 5’11 and 175 pounds with a 6’2 wingspan, Pressey can’t afford to be an inconsistent shooter at the next level. The margin for error for guards his size is too small. But while Pressey’s size is only a 1 on a 1-10 scale, his speed is a 10. Combine that with ridiculous floor vision and a flair for the dramatic, and Pressey is one of the rare guards who can completely take over a game with his passing.

Pressey might start his career in the D-League, but I don’t think he’ll last there. He’s just too talented not to make the show eventually.” (via)


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