Jonny Gomes does Vinatieri impression on walk-off

Being a Boston-based blog, The Nosebleeds is used to profiling walk-off home runs, celebrations, after parties, and maybe the occasional injury.

Never have we seen a tribute to another walkoff.

Jonny Gomes, after exploding on a Joel Peralta fastball and dispatching it onto Landsdown Street, kicked his helmet on his home run trot as he was rounding third. This was not just a tap either; the helmet was unloaded so high off of Gomes’s foot it had about seven seconds of air-time.

After he escaped his teammates in the aftermath of the Red Sox win, Gomes mentioned to Dave O’Brien and Joe Castiglione Adam Vinatieri’s game winning field goals, whether snow covered or Super Bowl flash fluttered.

Many dream of how to celebrate a walk-off anything, but few would have imagined kicking their batting helmet 40 feet in the air. Gomes provided a unique spectacle to a very common New England tradition, making his walk-off more memorable for the Fenway Faithful.

Gomes called it “The Fenway Punt” after the game. Hopefully it’s a tradition that sticks around.


(Video Courtesy of Major League Baseball and NESN; GIF Courtesy of Over The Monster)

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