Lebron’s new sneakers predict he’s still a douche

So pictures of Bron Bron’s new shoes were leaked today and in addition to there being a slight resemblance to my butt hole, the shoes show that Lebron is still the biggest douche among douches. Ugly as all hell, the biggest surprise is something that most people wouldn’t even see. On the inside of one sneaker is the bold prediction “2-time champion” and the other shoe states the years “11-12 12-13″.
Lebron Sneaker

Lebron 2X Champ

Lebron 11-12, 12-13
Problems with these shoes are as follows:
-Lebron is currently only a one time champion
-The Championship series between the Heat and Spurs sees the Heat being down 3 games to 2 and the Spurs have the oppurtunity tonight to close out the series.

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JJ Murphy

JJ Murphy

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