Penguins Fan/Forbearance Lead Singer Makes Insensitive Boston Tweet


Lead singer of the rock band Forbearance, Jordan Kuruc, is an avid Penguins fan who wasn’t too pleased with Matt Cooke’s ejection from game 1. He took to Twitter to air his dirty laundry for the world to see, posting the following (now deleted) tweet:


What an idiot. He immediately apologized via his Twitter page but his band mates still weren’t pleased with him. The group kicked out Kuruc the next day and issued a statement saying, “Just to clear up any confusion, Jordan Kuruc is no longer a member of Forbearance.” This guy doesn’t seem too smart, not only is he a Penguins fan but since being kicked out of the band he’s tweeted, “Honestly The only pain I feel is for the family’s that lost an 8 year old son and a daughter who lost her leg.” Keep digging your grave deeper Jordan…

I can’t see this band playing Boston any time soon.

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