Crowd outside Fall River District Court cheers “Innocent!” as Aaron Hernandez leaves


A crowd gathered outside of Fall River District Courthouse cheered “Innocent!” as Aaron Hernandez left his bail appeal hearing on Thursday afternoon.

I know this country’s legal system stands on the foundation of “innocent until proven guilty”, but it’s pretty insane to think that despite all the evidence mounted against Hernandez as the murder orchestrator (and the fact that he isn’t even a member of the Patriots anymore) that these people would still show up to defend him.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about the Hernandez murder case.

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Pete Blackburn
Founder & lead editor of The Nosebleeds. Journalism graduate of Endicott College, Class of 2013. Boston born & raised.
  • Todd Shiba

    These are the same idiots that probably still support Obama

    • John Richards

      come on no comparison yes there idiots but realy get a cheap dig in no obama isnt doing well at all but would you rather have the guy that would put a dog on top of a car and send jobs overseas and bank off shore a real statement that can help is something like [our choices suck] quit being a cheerleader and a team player black white democrat republican,and back to the subject at hand these people as well as todd should have to take a test to vote biggots no vote

      • Dirk Smith

        John, thanks for proving Todd’s accurate statement. The Obama cabal counts on your continued teleprompter naivety. Moron…..

      • speedle24

        John, apparently you are one of the idiots Todd was referencing. Have you ever heard of periods, grammer or spelling? Have you ever heard the term “low information voter”? You should learn the term. It means people who form opinions without factual back up. It is good for your country and yourself to not be in that category.

        • maxcat07

          Low information voter? Project much?