Sox Scratch Pad: Buchholz Start in Jeopardy, Lester Asks For Help


After a rough week in pitching – and a surprising start too – the mound is the focus of attention. Here’s Thursday’s edition of the Sox Scratch Pad:

Buchholz Start May Be Pushed Back, Again

Buchholz’s start was pushed back to Sunday in Baltimore to account for his still-stiff trapezius. Well, now he might not pitch in Baltimore.

According to the Boston Herald‘s Scott Lauber, Buchholz experienced some stiffness after playing catch on Wednesday. John Farrell has not come out and said anything concrete, but he did have comments to support another start delay.

“The fact that he’s stil feeling some stiffness, we’ve got to factor that in. This would only be two additional days than his normal rest. Much like we took the approach the last time, we’ll go when he’s ready.”

Boston Herald

Sometimes having a stiff something or a sore something else is worse than having a concrete injury; having a more defined injury will give a more distinct time table. Now he’s the three words we all hate to hear, day-to-day.

Lester Meets With Coaches

Jon Lester had been having some struggles going into his last start, but his last one was a tipping point. After control that looked like an artist spraying paint on a mural, walking seven batters in four innings, Lester decided to sit down with his coaches to see if he could get his stroke back.

“We met, the three of us, to get back to the basic and re-establishing what his strengths are, and that’s his four-seam fastball to his glove side. That’s not to say that every pitch is in that location but that establishes release point in the event that he needs to go that area to get back in a count or a start a hitter off with.

“But it has an effect on every pitch that he throws and [Tuesday] night it was pretty clear that he was searching to get some consistency and get some semblance of a four-pitch mix.”


After having ERA’s in the threes for April and May, his June ERA looks more like a good strikeout rate. Lester has given up 10 runs in 10 2/3 and has given up 10 walks while only getting seven strikeouts.

Sox Trying to Trade Ciriaco

After Pedro Ciriaco was designated for assignment on Monday when Will Middlebrooks came off the disabled list, the search for a suitable trade part began.

Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe is reporting that at least three teams have expressed interest in Ciriaco, but he has not named a ball club with distinct interest. The Red Sox have to trade the 27-year-old or he has to go through waivers, and they might not get anything for him.

(Photos Courtesy of Mark Blinch/REUTERS and Chris O’Meara/Associated Press)

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