This probably wasn’t the best shirt for Aaron Hernandez to wear a few days before (allegedly) murdering someone

2013-06-28_0739 (1)

According to this picture obtained by TMZ, Aaron Hernandez wore a shirt with the words “Hot Handed Cold Blooded” just a few days before allegedly carrying out the murder of 27-year old friend Odin Lloyd.

The picture was snapped on June 15th (Lloyd’s murder occurred the 17th) while Hernandez posed with a fan in a Massachusetts area Marshall’s store. The nightclub incident between Hernandez and Lloyd that prosecutors believe led to the victim’s murder happened just hours before the photo was taken.

I’m not going to say this is a “writing on the wall” example, but it is pretty eyebrow-raising nonetheless. It might have been more fitting if it said “Hot Headed Cold Blooded.”

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Pete Blackburn
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