20 Hollywood Bachelorettes You Definitely Have A Crush On

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It’s always nice to fantasize about being able to marry a Hollywood starlet, even if it will probably never, ever happen. Here’s a rundown of Hollywood’s 20 most desirable bachelorettes right now:

Jennifer Lawrence

One of Hollywood’s hottest rising actresses, with an awesome, down-to-earth personality to match.



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Pete Blackburn
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  • eskeappiah

    Aubrey Plaza!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo

    @eskeappiah – Aubrey Plaza isn’t single, hence is not a bachelorette. She’s dating writer/director Jeff Baena and has been for nearly a year.
    For the record, neither is Kaley Cuoco, Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde or Hayden Panettiere(who’s name you also spelled wrong. It’s two T’s not two R’s). Don’t get me wrong, thanks for the list of hotties, but calling the bachelorette’s isn’t very accurate.

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