Aaron Hernandez jerseys are a hot buy on the Internet right now


In a pretty sad but not all that surprising development, Aaron Hernandez jerseys are selling very well online right now.

Last week, the Patriots announced that they would be offering jersey exchanges for any fan who purchased a Hernandez jersey through the team website or at the team’s official pro shop, but fans might want to think twice about exchanging those #81 jerseys because they might be able to fetch a more lucrative return.

In the past week, Hernandez jerseys have been selling for more than double, triple and, in some cases, quadruple their original retail value. Why? Well, the laws of supply and demand…and because people are stupid.

So, if you have a Hernandez jersey laying around, you may want to hold on to it to see what it’ll be worth if the former tight end gets convicted of murder. And if you DON’T have a jersey but wish you did, well, it’s gonna take quite a bit of cash to land one of those suckers.


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Pete Blackburn
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