Today in really aggressive tattoos: “Jesus Saves” in a Bruins jersey

Jesus saves…and apparently does so while serving as an alternate captain of the Boston Bruins.

Check out this tattoo uploaded by Instagram user @pablo_festabar earlier today – it’s an inked portrait of Jesus wearing a Bruins jersey with the phrase “Jesus Saves” scripted below. Aggressive? Yes. Well done? Yes. Historically accurate? Probably not.

But the serious question here is how the hell Jesus Christ, the world’s most famously praised lord and savior, is only an alternate captain of his team? It’ll only make sense if Patrice Bergeron is captain.


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Pete Blackburn
Founder & lead editor of The Nosebleeds. Journalism graduate of Endicott College, Class of 2013. Boston born & raised.
  • Rokpig

    Bobby Orr was only Alternate Captain as he’s about as close to Jesus as you can get!!! LOL

  • Douglas Quintal

    he should have completed the actual phrase, …but Esposito gets the rebound and scores.

  • michael garneau

    That is just plain sick.