Gary Tanguay and Kirk Minihane erupt in screaming match on CSNNE

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Comcast SportsNet New England is usually a civilized and intelligent sports network for New England sports fans to enjoy some friendly banter on hot topics surrounding local teams. Such was not the case on Tuesday night during a live broadcast of the nightly panel-based talk show UNO’s Sports Tonight.

Sports Tonight host Gary Tanguay, a longtime sports broadcasting fixture in New England, and guest Kirk Minihane, a writer and on-air personality for local radio station WEEI, got into a fiery shouting match while discussing whether or not Bill Belichick owes the Boston media an explanation for the Aaron Hernandez saga.

Minihane said he didn’t believe Belichick owed anybody anything, asking if a manager at Subway would have to apologize if one of his employees killed someone.

This analogy set Tanguay off, leading him to yell “you can’t even make that comparison!” That’s when things got pretty personal, as Tanguary went on to tell Minihane he was “full of crap” and that he was a moron and “as cold-blooded” as Belichick. He finished off by yelling “You don’t have a heart!”

As the situation cooled down, CSNNE was about to cut to commercial right before Minihane threw in one last jab at Tanguay – “I hate you.”

On a side note, I interned at CSNNE for 4 months last fall/winter and never saw ‘Guay raise his voice even once, so this definitely caught me by surprise. I don’t know much about Minihane, other than he doesn’t exactly have the best relationship with a few other personalities at the station besides Tanguay. This thing probably got a lot more personal than it should have.

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  • Gunnyrecon1st

    Wake Up if you worked at Sears and then you decided to go out and shoot 10 people do you foresee Sears apologizing for hiring you NO WAY. Did Bill know that Hernandez was going to allegedly kill one to 5 people NO does he owe anyone an apology absolutely not When these sports announcers were falling all over Hernandez for interviews and such should they apologize for that also No lets not go overboard one Hernandez has not been convicted until he is according to the law he is innocent . Our society has been convicting people before trials which has backfired and also caused mistrials the 24 hour press cycle needs to stay out of the Judicial Branch . Lets face it the sportswriters sitting here would have a hard time passing a 12th grade test on the US Governments Bill od Rights and the function orf the Courts as a whole and remember the ” GLOVES DON”T FIT” anything can happen after what some of these so called announcers have said they are going to be paying an awful lot of damages should he beat this case. Bill should not have to apologize for Hernandez bad choices just the fact that he lost another draft pick that is all.

    • Elliott

      Comparing someone who makes $6.50 an hour at Sears or Subway to someone who signed a 5 year 40 million dollar contract less than a year ago is a terrible way to make your point. Also there are allegation that he murder someone before he was given that contract. Belichick, being the GM, should of known a little more about the players he is paying millions of dollars to. There were warning signs for years, granted not for being a murderer but for having a very troubling past. The investment and public image of a sandwich maker and a star NFL tightend is beyond the realm of comparison.

      • Gunnyrecon1st

        Can you be that naïve? Does your boss know everything you do especially during your vacation I don’t think so. Lets get something straight a CONTRACT IS FOR PLAYING FOOTBALL!!! Not for reporting whatever your stupid ass is up to during your off season the Pats like every other team check on the Physical condition of their players not much else is allowed during the OFF season . I don’t remember the Falcons taking heat for Vick and his dogs No Only Vick he went to Jail same as Burris he shot himself in the leg should have been punishment enough but they gave him jail time Did the Giants get Blamed NO they just released him that is all. Football to the players is just a JOB nothing more nothing less Wake Up Hernandez was probably one of your favorite players if you were a fan it is not your fault you could not have known. Wake up the people who are doing the crimes pay for their mistakes they do not effect you nor are they responsible to you for anything. Grow Up and get over it. Bellichick is not his father and not his keeper I don’t expect an apology neither should you who are we NOBODIES