Here’s a guy on a skimboard getting absolutely annihilated by a speedboat

I don’t really have any background on this video, just came across it on Reddit after it was uploaded to YouTube yesterday. It shows a couple dudes on a speedboat attempting to execute a high five with another dude on a skimboard.

Here’s a spoiler alert: It doesn’t go well. Like…at all.

In short summary, the camera guy makes a bunch of funny voices while his buddy on the skimboard gets absolutely crushed by the boat. I’m not sure what happened to this guy or if he’s alright, but I do know that getting leveled and run over by a speeding vehicle with razor sharp spinning blades attached to the bottom of it doesn’t really sound like a good time.

They missed the skimboard high five, let’s just hope that the propellor didn’t make up for it by delivering its own high five.


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Pete Blackburn
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