Home surveillance photos show Aaron Hernandez carrying handgun on night of murder

Attleboro District Court released previously sealed documents in the Aaron Hernandez murder case to the public today. Those 104 pages of new documents included photos taken from Hernandez’s home surveillance system on the night of the murder, some of which appear to show Hernandez carrying a firearm. Prosecutors say the pistol Hernandez is carrying in his left hand in the photos is considered to be the murder weapon used to kill 27-year old Odin LLoyd.

Check out the photos, courtesy of @GlobeBallou:





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Pete Blackburn
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  • NFL Madness

    This is a sad story. This kid had a bright future. He was one of the best players in football. He had all the support, new city, new friends, millions of dollars, and a new baby girl. But he couldn’t get away from the negative influences.

    • FaAmos

      I agree its sad and its hard to not wonder if he was drafted by another team, a team nowhere near his hometown if he might have been able to put his past and old friends behind him. I don’t know if it would make a huge difference but I do know being drafted by the Pats and going back to his hometown was definitely the wrong move for someone like Hernandez who has obvious mental problems so much so that he could be a Sociapath if he really did commit this crime because there’s no sign of remorse or concern

      • NFL Madness

        It’s hard to not wonder who great this guy could have been in the NFL. Now he is disgraced. Everyone affiliated with him has taken everything he has done, and erased it. Like he was never there. Like they never knew him.

    • tax payer

      I had never heard of him until he was accused of murder.

  • FaAmos

    Those aren’t close to being clear enough to validate posting these pictures as Hernandez with a gun. Is it something else? I don’t know it could be a gun but it could also be something else all together I just don’t know. One thing I do know is that Aaron Hernandez is an idiot and if guilty then adding in his lack of concern or remorse Hernandez might be a sociapath and in my opinion is. Even if you know what a Sociapath is still take a minute and google Sociapath and just read the profile of a Sociapath and its scarily similar to everything Hernandez seems to be.

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  • tax payer

    He is dressed as a thug, so I wonder, if he’s related to Martin?