Lady Gaga announces “ARTPOP” release date


If music in 2013 hasn’t already been pretty epic, here comes Lady Gaga to join the action. Although she has been keeping a low profile since her hip injury in February, we knew that recovery meant reinvention and creation. With a long, and wordy Facebook post, Gaga announced the release date for her third full-length studio album, ARTPOP.

To stay innovative, Gaga’s techHAUS created an app to engage even more social media hype. Gaga wrote on Facebook, “The app itself is a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion and technology with a new interactive worldwide community — ‘the auras.’ Altering the human experience with social media, we bring ARTculture into POP in a reverse Warholian expedition.”

Whether you are sick of Lady Gaga, think she is trying too hard or rejoice with happiness over this news, you cannot ignore the fact that she likes to stir up controversy.

Gaga’s first single drops on 8/19. Pre-order album/app on 9/1. Album/app release on 11/11.