New ‘Rocky’ spinoff ‘Creed’ to feature ‘Fruitvale Station’ tag team Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan.


The next installment in the ‘Rocky’ series will not be featuring Stallone as a prize fighting man of iron, thank God. Instead he will be a mentor for the grandson of his longtime friend Apollo Creed who has gone against his parents’ wishes and decided to step into the ring and carry on Apollo’s legacy.

According to Yahoo! Teaming up on this film will be ‘Fruitvale Station’ director Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan. Coogler broke out with this new film which has won multiple awards at Sundance and Cannes film festivals. Joining him is the up and coming Jordan who has starred in the series Friday Night Lights and the 2012 film Chronicle. Being the grandson of Apollo Creed seems to be a perfect fit for this guy considering he looks like an actual relative of Carl Weathers and he is accustomed to intense athletic training being a collegiate football player.

Tying into the roots of the 1970′s films director Coogler is going to keep the essence of the underdog storyline by also teaming up with Sylvester Stallone. Without Stallone ‘Creed’ would lose it’s entire feel for a ‘Rocky’ saga. With Stallone the legacy will live and continue it’s greatness regardless of the semi-failure of the 2006 film ’Rocky Balboa’.  With the death of Apollo Creed coming in the form of a flurry of haymakers from a bear man of a boxer named Drago, it is now time for Rocky to bring the memory of Creed back to hearts of millions.

Hopefully the next chapter in the ring for the Creed family will be better than the last one.

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